Emily A. Cox, MA, is an Internationally-based professional Psychic, Health & Wellness Coach (Specialty: Lyme Disease, Hypothyroid, & Fibromyalgia), Author, Speaker, Career & Relational Consultant,  dedicated to being a catalyst and changing the quality of others lives.

I come from a family of business owners and entrepreneurs.

My biological father is a millionaire - He owns / started his own business at age 18 making specialized car parts for muscle cars. He has a patent on a product.

My adoptive father who raised me - After 25 years of teaching junior high and high school earth science and math, he bought a karaoke bar (only one in town) and fancy seafood restaurant and hot wing joint.

My stepfather- Owns his own construction company - #1 in the area, top rated, custom homes, multimillion dollar.

My stepmom is #1 in her real estate company. Has been for 30+ years - fully self-sufficient and independent.

Both of my grandparents are doctors. My grandmother, Elizabeth Kotlwolski: (http://elizabethkotlowski.com/about/) from Melbourne Austrailia, has 3 MA (Master-level) degrees and a PhD. She was married to a medical doctor and neuropsychiatrist.

I started my own business in 2009 right after college - life coaching. I have been life coaching ever since, and I also do professional psychic readings, topics: Career, love, general, and "2015" predictions. I am also a wellness consultant, specializing in thyroid and lyme disease.

I have 5 biological uncles, 3 of which I know personally - 1 photographer for National Geographic, 1 an English teacher, and 1 a lawyer in Seattle, WA.


To be able to provide for myself, family, and community.


To create financial and educational opportunity for those who aspire to lead better lives.


  • Drive, energy, passion, integrity, determination, enthusiasm, resourcefulness   
  • Excellent written and verbal communication
  • Exceptional organizational skills
  • Strong facilitation and presentation skills
  • Wpm 90, PC/Mac, Proficient in Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint


I am determined to use my persistence and perseverance until an opportunity arises that will make full use of my natural skills, talents, and gifts.


Directly with its people to help them fully develop their potential, and, 2. To improve the organization’s structure (streamlining, efficiency, optimizing, etc) in alliance with the company's vision and mission.


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Learning to recognize the masks that we wear that alienate us from our true potential. By learning to recognize these masks, we can then reclaim our true selves and be on a path of greater self-understanding and fulfillment.

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