3 Books:

Book 1:  Learning to recognize the masks that we wear that alienate us from our true potential.  By learning to recognize these masks, we can then reclaim our true selves and be on a path of greater self-understanding and fulfillment.

False Self / Personal DEMONS / Shedding (16 TOWER CARD):

Must be willing to FACE one's DEMONS

It can be frightening and scary, but we ALL have to go through it to find out who we TRULY are, and what our PURPOSE on earth is:

Lyrical : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=f0FnNWBmk1k


"I want others to see / recognize the false self. I want to illuminate / shed light on the False Self." -Emily A. Cox


Book 2:   Memoir - My personal memoir

Contains some of the following topics:

Abuse / domestic violence
Kundalini Awakening
Soul mates
Emotionally, physically, spiritually bankrupt
Dark Night of The Soul
Spiritual Emergence
Spiritual Awakening
Twin flames / Soul mates

Book 3:  Lyme Disease - My Journey to Recovery.  I cured my Lyme Disease/Fibromyalgia 100%.
Book 4:  Natural Foods.  Healing the body with natural foods.  Fortunately, my journey with Lyme Disease & Fibromyalgia lead to a path of healing and recovery.  This book includes useful, practical information, guides, "how-to" information, diet plans, etc.
Book 5:  Tarot - Learning the tarot and the psychological meanings behind the ancient Tarot wisdom - How to use and apply.